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Critical Information Summary

Why Bachak Payroll?

Truely Independent
Truely Independent

Bachak is not owned by any Agency or Employer. We don't have data exchange agreement with any. We are not a sister company of a any other company. Your data is safe with us and we are on your side only.

no lock in contract
No Lock-in Contract

All of our plans are month to month. Experience our service and you're not obligated to stay if for any reason it's not to your liking.

Competitive Offer
Competitive and Fixed Price

Payroll is costing contractors around 1.5 to 2.75 percent. With us you will be paying way less than that. Instead of $60 to $110, you will be paying less than $50 per week.

Fully Insured
Fully Insured IT Activity

We are not just a general Payroll company. We are insured specifically for the type of activity we do. This allows us to reduce our risk and insurance costs and better be positioned for any insurance calim. Check our coverage here.

Cover Office Expenses
Cover Office Expenses

Working remotly is a reality of our time. We also understand you may need equipment and supplies while on your customer site. Because we are from IT industry ourselvese, we better understand your situation and happy to help to pay for them. We even can source general consumables for you and deliver it.

Continuity of Employment

Are you planning to apply for a loan? You will be in much better position with us. We are here and ready to engage with your financial institue and best present your financial status.

Local Australian Business
Local Australian Business

Yes we are. Bachak is not an accouting backoffice and we are not offshore. We are well familiar with your business, industry and Australian standards.

We Care About Your Career
We Care About Your Career

We can introduce you to your coleagues who are also getting their payment through us. We provide consultation on market rates

Work Without an Agent
Work Without an Agent

Want to use your reputation and network to get a contract directly. This can be a Win-Win position for you and your employer. We happily step up to contract management and invocing for you

Supply Discounted Items
Supply Discounted Items

Not only we run a small online shop, but we also negotiate to get deals for our members all the time.


We process your salary as soon as we receive the funds. No delay or hold-back. We don't impose our own payment cycle or date.

Special Offer
Special Offer

It is a great time to join us and enjoy our limited-time rates. We guarantee these rates for 2 years starting from your first payment

Real Saving Case-Study

First month free equivalent to $280+ Saving


Awesome Support
Saving Each Week
Insurace Coverages

Important things you need to know


Income Tax (IT)

Income tax is money paid to the government from the money you earn. It is usually paid throughout the year as you earn the income. Just like all employers, we are required to collect (withold) Income Tax based on ATO formulas and pay that to ATO. Any other income or loss you may have or expect to have will also be attracting Income tax but they will not be handled by Bachak. You might be required by ATO to pay that quarterly or annualy by ATO
It is important to know that the PAYG rates are defined by ATO through a table which is different from the yearly Tax margins you usually hear about.


Most products and services that are delivered in Asutralia attract GST. That includes all contract work you might be hired for.
We as payroll company are required to pass these taxes to ATO.

Super Tax

Superannuation contributions attract tax on a different rate than you income. We don't collect or pay this tax to ATO. This would be the responsibility of the Super provider that you have nominated.


Agents are a very important element of the contracting environment. Agents provide these services

Maintaing database of candidates

Filtering applicants for a particular role

Doing initial interviews

Help employers turn their resourcing requirements into hiring roles


Agents may have exlusive hiring position for a role or share it with competitors but almost always they get paid by the employer

Agents have a different nature from Resourcing companies as they don't generally hire resources on annual rates


Apart from internal business insurances, like all other companies, we are required and we do have the following coverages:

Government WorkCover

Public Liability

Professional Indemnity

Certificats for these insuracnes will be required by your Agent when you chose to use our Payroll

Frequently Asked Questions

Should (Can) I do my own Payroll

Setting up and running a company so that you can perform your own Payroll is a costly operation and time consuming.
More importantly, such company will have restrictions from ATO perpective. You might have already heard of 80/20 rule.
Even when you meet the 80/20 rule, there are other criteria that you will not meet as someone being paid on daily/weekly/hourly rates.
Any beneft you may get from such a restricted company, you can get with a fraction of the cost and no time investment through a good PAYG service like Bachak.

What is 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 is just one of the few 'Tests' that ATO has defined to check if a company would be able to claim Profit/Loss and the end of financial year.
Many contractors wrongly beleive that if they switch employers every 6 months and meet the 80/20 Rule, they can assume a Company position and gain flexibility in their Tax affairs.
In reality, the 80/20 is mostly used TEST because it is easy to prove that a contractor does NOT meet the criteria using it. But ATO will move to next tests when a company meets that TEST including:
  • Accepting risk for work outcome (and not just selling hours)
  • Work through defined scopes of work (not simply hours)
  • And finally explicity not being a time-based hire

With Bachak, you don't need to worry about any of this. But otherwise you should ensure you abide to all Australian Tax Rules.

How you pay Bachak

Your fees are paid from your Pre-Tax earnings. In essense this means very little disposable income loss for you.
For example if you earn 5*$800 a week, we charge $40 and your tax & super calculations will be performd on $4000-$40=$3960

EoFY Tax Return

Note that you are still required to do your tax returns at the end of year.
If you do all your work expenses through us, your tax return will be simple because you have paid for deductable items through us.
our fees are also paid from your Pre-Tax earnins, so no need to worry about them.

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